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Sky effect on Dome | Indonesian Painter

Blitart art painting | Mural Painting | Sky effect painting
Sky Effect Painting on Dome | Acrylic on Dome

Romantic Flower - Mural room - Leonarto Blitar
Mural painting - Acrylic on wall
Leonarto from Blitar jawa timur Indonesia

Mulyo Gunarso, Indonesian Painter

painter kediri
 Mulyo Gunarso, the man from Kediri who is now settled in the art city - yogjakarta. graduates of ISI Jogja who get many awards because of his great artistic talent. ever won a national art competition and now his paintings have been collected by world-class
collectors ...

the flow of realism and naturalism combined with the imagination of suryalism makes his art work full of meaning ....

naturalism paintingnaturalism painting
oil on canvas painting

paintingoil painting

Purnomo Kediri, Indonesian Painter

painting-painter kediri
120cmx100cm,oil on canvas,painting by Purnomo Kediri

JL.KH.Wakhid Hasyim Gg.IX.No.7. HP.085646127223, Kediri / Jawa Timur., Indonesia

ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE: Existing painting exhibitions in various cities in Indonesia are processed: Th.2000-2006:
- Exhibition of painting 'Menguak Seni Menyibak Hati'. Th.2006-2007 
- Exhibition of Painting Palette Kediri Kediri 1127 di Insumo Palace Hotels and Resort. Th.2007-2008 
- Exhibition of Painting 'Hero Fine Art Spirits' di Grand Surya Hotel. Th.2008-2009 :
- FSS'08 Surabaya 'Hidden Generation' - Pameran lukisan N(f)ine @rt di Surabaya. Th.2009-2010 :
- Exhibition of Painting 'Eksekutor' di Surabaya.
- Memperoleh Penghargaan Karya Terbaik 'KOSMUBAYA AWARD' pameran lukisan 'Art to Heart' di Surabaya.
- National Art Exhibition 55 tahun 'Konferensi Asia-Afrika' di Surakarta.
- National Art Exhibition spirit Yogya 'BEBER SENI XIII' di Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. Th.2010-2011 :
- National Art Exhibition Roh Kejuangan 'Detak Decak-Ziarah Rupa' BEBER SENI XIV di Yogyakarta.
- National Art Exhibition 'REFLEKSI 2011' di Taman Budaya Surakarta. Th. 2011-2012 :
- National Art Exhibition 'Melintasi Waktu' 53 Tahun Sanggar bambu di Jogja Gallery.
- National Art Exhibition 'Spirit of Art' di Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.
- Exhibition of painting SURABAYA 719.
painting art
SEJENAK BERPIKIR:195cmx115cm,oil on canvas,Painting by Purnomo Kediri

CIKAR , oil on canvas art
oil on canvas by Ruslan Ibnu , Kediri Indonesia

Brown Smile , Pencil on paper

Colour Pencil on Canson Paper
Size 20 x 30 cm
Painter, Iskandar YunHan from sumenep Indonesia

Wood effect on ceiling

Design interior, wood effect painting applicated on ceiling 

Marble effect on ceiling

marble effect, applied above the ceiling to make the room feel natural and comfortable
dipadukan dengan efek kayu yang menjadikan ceiling semakin terkesan alami