All About Art: Rose drawing tutorial- How to draw whit colored pencils

Rose drawing tutorial- How to draw whit colored pencils

Painting Tutorial - Let us learn to draw roses, here will be given step by step how to draw beautiful roses. first we will draw a simple way to train the hand we're used to draw, if we practice diligently for long we would be able to draw well.

The first step we make a sketch with chalk drawings forming a rose. as an example in Painting Tutorial 1 Picture

Painting Tutorial 1
After we finished sketching, we start coloring. heed the outside of the first bit by an example in Painting Tutorial 2 Picture

Painting Tutorial 2

After completion of the image block is continued the next block as in the example of Painting Tutorial 3 Figure 

Painting Tutorial 3
We are all thin-set colors and bold colors and shadows that make images appear real.

Painting Tutorial 4
Let's get one side completed first before the other side.

Painting tutorial 5
Right or left hand side we give a darker color than the other side to look like a real three-dimensional.

Painting Tutorial 6

We make the most out of the picture cover image so that it could be the focus of the eye to see, so it will seem completely real.

Painting Tutorial 7

Painting Tutorial 8

the painting is finished

And now, images of roses we are done, hopefully this tutorial useful to my friends all in learning to draw or paint the object of interest. also read our tutorials that we collect from these sites or from books that we gather together our experience. Do not forget to view our collection of paintings and leave comments for us. bye ....

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