All About Art: This painting is made of Rubik's

This painting is made of Rubik's

Based in Toronto Cube Works Studio is a collaboration ofarchitects and graphic that uses the popular Rubik's Cube to createa retro art form that has not avant garde. Throughout the years, thestudio has produced dozens of Rubik's Cube artwork is veryimpressive and detailed that people often wonder if they do not take the cube apart and use individual colored squares to create amosaic. But that does not happen, because a lot of photos andvideo take during the creative process of proving.

In addition to their intricate portraits and artistic recreation, the people in the Cube Works also set a world record just a few,including the monumental center of the Sistine Chapel recreationmade ​​of more than 12,000 Rubik's Cubes and Cube 4050 Rubikreplica of The Last Supper. It is probably not the original purpose ofErno Rubik had in mind for the toys, but I'm sure he would love to see it used as a medium of art.
source: KASKUS
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