All About Art: Drs. M. Ifansyah ( Alm.) ,indonesian master painter

Drs. M. Ifansyah ( Alm.) ,indonesian master painter

Drs. M. Ifansyah born in Barabai ,South Kalimantan on January 29, 1958. Pair of Alm. Mr. Anwar Hj Riduan and Mrs. Djumiah.
Married to Anita (1984)

Drs. M. Ifansyah son of the sixth of seven children:
1. Siti Mariam
2. M. Idhamsyah R
3. M. Iberamsyah
4. Siti Marlinah
5. Siti Marfuah R.
6. Drs. M. Ifansyah
7. M. Ikhwansyah

Education who have completed:
Graduated in 1970 at the Seroja SDN Barabai
Graduated in 1973 SMPN 1 in Barabai
Graduated in 1975 SMAN Barabai dI Barabai
Graduated in 1988 STSRI "ASRI" ISI

Art activity:
1971       - he learned to paint the father, namely  Mr. Riduan  Anwar, a painter of Lamberi Bustani in South Kalimantan.
1972       - Awarded Silver Medal of the Shankar's International Children's Painting Competition New Delhi India.
1978       - Exhibition in London with student STSRI "ASRI".
1979       - Awarded to the exhibition at Wendy Sorensen STSRI "ASRI" Yogyakarta.
- Exhibition in Semarang with Student STSRI "ASRI" Yogyakarta.
1980       - Second Place Short Story Contest Illustrated Majalah Gadis of 1980.
- Contracted BBD Jakarta for making paintings in calendar 1997.
1981       - Awarded to the exhibit Pratisara Affandi Adikarya STSRI "ASRI" Yogyakarta.
1982       - Participated in the Young Painters exhibition in TIM Jakarta Indonesia.
1983       - Exhibition of Young Painters with the Yogyakarta in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.
- Joint exhibition in Surabaya.
1984       - Exhibition with the painter Yogyakarta in Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta.
1985       - Following several exhibitions in other big cities.
1995       - Exhibition Ramadan Streaks at the Museum of Vredeburg Yogyakarta.
- Giving employees PERURI Private painting Force I (First) in Yogyakarta.
1998       - Private Giving to employees PERURI painting Force II (second) in Yogyakarta.
1988       - Contracted Bank Mandiri for making paintings in the calendar.
1999       - joint exhibition in Yogyakarta Society building.
2000       - Philip Morris YSRI Nomination Competition in Jakarta.
2001       - Private Giving to employees PERURI painting Ankatan III (third) in Yogyakarta.
2002       - Private Giving to employees PERURI painting Force VI (fourth) in Yogyakarta.
                 - Works in Pastel Exhibition at Gallery 9 Yogyakarta.
2003       - Private Giving to employees PERURI painting Force V (fifth) in Yogyakarta.

Died on January 10, 2004 in Yogyakarta. Buried in Sungai Paring, Martapura, South Kalimantan.

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