All About Art: biographies of painters, DULLAH From Indonesia

biographies of painters, DULLAH From Indonesia

Dullah painter born in Solo, Central Java, 17 September 1919, he was known as a realist painter. The style of realistic painting. Having a penchant for painting portrait (face) and compositions that display a lot of people

     Once known as a court painter for 10 years since the early 1950s, with the task of restoring paintings (paintings repairing damaged) and become part of the preparation of the book collection of paintings of President Sukarno. Dullah also known as the painter of the revolution, as in many of his works present paintings with themes of struggle during maintaining independence.

                               "Didepan pura" by Dullah, Size: 68cm x 54cm, Medium: Oil on canvas, Year: 1969

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